mobile mammographic senological unit

Design and production of medical clinic vehicles for mammographic screening.

Thanks to CVS mobile mammographic/senological clinic is now possible to run mammographic and senological screening activities, in a better and more immediate way, to women who need it. 

A real mobile mammographic /senological clinic is set up inside the vehicle. Itinerant activities dedicated to the screening for prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer can be carried out, especially during itinerant events on prevention.

It is possible, in fact, to run the x-ray examination of breast by using a latest-generation digital mammographic device, as well as ultrasound examination and preliminary visit inside the equipped mobile clinic.

Another benefit of CVS mobile mammographic/senological clinic is being totally autonomous and not having the necessity to lean on any health facility. A radiology technician, in fact, carries out mammographic examination internally that can be later assessed by a breast specialist of the reference hospital or sent in real time thanks to a fast satellite connection.

Early diagnosis, especially in case of breast cancer, is one of the factors that most frequently determines full recovery, but often, because of logistic problems, it is not sufficiently urged.  

The mobile clinic can reach all the towns that do not dispose of a mammographic/senological centre in close proximity or that, because of particular morphological conditions of the territory, have less access to transports thus facilitating women’s involvement in screening operations. 

Every mobile mammographic/senological clinic is customizable in both interior furniture and equipment, and in size (medium, large, extra-large). It is also equipped with appropriate doors and telescopic ramps for ascent and descents allowing the entrance to disabled people with a wheeled mobile device. 

CVS can realize senological screening mobile units (3D mammography + ultrasound scan) also on vehicles drivable with Driving License (Category B).

We are talking about a vehicle containing advanced radiological diagnostic systems; therefore, the mammographic room is equipped with walls properly shielded with lead plates of adequate thickness in accordance to the strictest safety standards. A waiting room and a changing room for pre and post examination needs are also available to ensure the right comfort to healthcare personnel operating on the vehicles and to patients.

Mammographic/Senological Screening

CVS mobile mammographic/senological clinic can be equipped with any comfort:

  • air-conditioning systems adapted to any weather condition in the world and any time of the year to guarantee environment salubrity,
  • oleodynamic stabilization plant run by hand-held remote control,
  • electrical system adapted with high quality and safety standards,
  • energy autonomy guaranteed by APU (auxiliary power unit) to ensure continuous operation to the equipment installed on board, even in case of electrical power failure,
  • LAN (Local Area Network) for the exchange and sharing of data with head office or any hospital unit,
  • lighting adapted to the environment in accordance to the parameters established by the regulation to uphold safety and wellness of both healthcare personnel and patients, etc.



A team of qualified Engineers designs all the facilities, which are realized to perfection in compliance with current regulations in the healthcare field.

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