CVS - Costruzione Veicoli Speciali

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CVS - Costruzione Veicoli Speciali

CVS - Your job everywhere

Company profile

CVS is an italian leading firm in the planning and construction of special vehicles.

The high professionalism of the design and production staff, the full customization of every single project and the use of state-of-art techniques, technologies and installations combined with high quality materials contribute to manifacturing well-finished mobile and semi-mobile units with a fine design aiming at increasing the profile.

CVS, partly thanks to ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, ensures a perfect quality control in every production phase and business process in order to achieve the customer satisfaction.


By making use of advanced 3D design tools and of advice from engineers and experts in the field, CVS can manifacture high-quality, efficient and custom products targeted at satisfying all Customer's technical, logistical and territorial needs.

The attention to design and aestethics, technology and innovation have contributed to making CVS a reference point for Professionals, especially in the diagnostic medical sector.

Medical vehicles

The asset of CVS's production is the designing and manifacturing of Medical Mobile Units dedicated to professional activities.

The study of customized solutions, the optimization of the interior spaces and the attention to finishes allow medical staff to carry out their activities at best, in complete comfort and in accordance with the health and civil legislation in force.

CVS's Customers would be able to replicate and perform on the territory, in an itinerant way, all the activities and services offered in fixed locations, by checking them using satellite control.

Examples of medical mobile units

Special project: Europcar

Mobile offices

CVS is highly specialized in manifacturing mobile offices for various itinerant teaching, outreach, promotional and communication activities.

The different needs of our Customers gave us the opportunity of broadening our professional horizons and studying different solutions in many area of work.

This experience allows our firm to offer good solutions to Companies, Institutions and Private Organizations which need settled or semi-settled spaces where to operate in complete comfort and security.

… Any professional activity that is performed by making use of a Mobile Unit will be able to provide itinerant services, by managing its tasks wherever necessary.


In addition to motor vehilcles, CVS can also create alternative solutions like special multi-purpose monoblocks.

These units can be carried by a truck and positioned where it is needed.

Their dimensions shall not exceeed 12 meters in length, 2.40 meters wide and 2.40 meters high. If the box is not too large and heavy it can be transported by helicopter and used in areas which are difficult to reach by road.

The solution is very efficient for managing various medical activities and other of different kinds, for a medium to long period, in a given area, in order to meet a wide range of needs.

All the fitting is customizable according to the Customer's needs, both in the interior and in the dimension. It can be equipped with every comfort, in accordance with the regulations in force.

CVS… always a step ahead

Some of our technical partners

AGFA Healthcare
Bayer Healthcare
GE Healthcare
Philips Healthcare
Siemens Healthcare division
Toshiba Leading Innovation

Some of our clients